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2008-06-18 08:45 pm
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For those who read my earlier post on Firefox 3, the final version is now out, and their download servers are now running smoothly1.

In other news, valve released details of their next update to TF2: two user-made maps getting an official download distribution, plus a mountain of changes to my fave class: the pyro. Released tomorrow. If any of you lot don't have TF2 and are vaguely interested, they're opening it up for another free weekend this weekend, so if you can cope with the mega download, you get up to 48 hours of play without any monetary input. I think there's gonna be a whole lotta flame-gilling going on...

1They're supposedly used to this stuff, and have a substantial mirror network in place. The initial demand for Firefox 3 floored their mirror network. After it came back up, they were shifting 13 Gigabits/second of download traffic. Phew.